World PCO Alliance Press Release – IMEX 2011

The World PCO Alliance continues to grow, and will announce on July 29th its new members, which will effectively expand the alliance to all 6 continents of the globe.

The World PCO Alliance was created to help associations organize effective meetings throughout the globe. Representing the leading PCOs in all six continents, this cohesive group aims to capitalize on the efficiency of consolidating conference and event services within one network. By sharing resources,knowledge, technology, training and best practices, the WPCOA is your associations’ one-stop solution for your international meetings and conferences. All members of the alliance are leaders in the association congresses industry in their respective countries and regions, and have a record of contributing to the development of the local meetings and events industry.

The Alliance’s strength is its ability to combine the virtues of being global and at the same time local,large and at the same time accessible. Its global reach allows for more efficient marketing of international congresses, as each country contributes to the marketing efforts of the congresses organized by any member of the Alliance. Furthermore, the permanent exchange of knowledge, and human and technical resources, as well as training and sharing of best practices, propels each PCO to greater levels of excellence in servicing its clients. Just as important as its global reach is its capacity to maintain ownership of each PCO in the hands of its local leaders, providing a high level of accountability and motivation in the local organization in charge of the project, and propelling thought leadership and creativity.

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